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A Common-Sense Approach to Defensible Mobile Forensics.

Collection of mobile devices shouldn’t create panic for custodians – or disruption to an organization’s day-to-day business.  More than 70% of employees keep their devices “within eye contact” at all times.

So why would they be ok with losing access to their phone during a collection – or comfortable exposing their personal and unrelated digital information to a third-party?

They aren’t – and they shouldn’t be.

Your Phone Never Leaves Your Hand

Common sense in today’s highly decentralized and highly mobile-phone reliant work environment requires a forensics collection solution that gets the required digital information – without the custodian ever having the cell phone leave their hand.

RemoteStreem is a first-to-market, pocket-sized, portable, and purpose-built remote forensics collection and preservation tool for mobile devices. Overcome geographic challenges and time constraints, while acquiring data in a defensible and common-sense approach that keeps custodians at ease and productive.

Here’s How RemoteStreem Works:

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Provide information

The custodian provides mobile device information and shipping information to virtually anywhere worldwide.

Shipped to you

A RemoteStreem portable device is shipped directly to the custodian or appointed company contact via UPS, FedEx or other preferred delivery services.

Power on

At a time most convenient to the custodian, he or she simply presses the power button on the RemoteStreem device and a Downstreem forensic analyst is on the device via remote connection within seconds.

Connect your device, we’ll do the rest

The custodian connects and unlocks their mobile device; Downstreem does the rest.

Move freely while your device is connected

While we are remotely administering the collection via a secure point-to-point connection, the custodian can move around freely with their mobile device without any loss of productivity – or loss of control of their personal digital information. All data stored on RemoteStreem is 256-bit encrypted and can only be accessed by a Downstreem forensics analyst.

Filter and export

Once the collection is completed and the data is processed and filtered, the potentially responsive information can be easily exported for further review – including to StreemView, a patent-pending forensic analysis platform custom-built for mobile data and Email.

Send back the RemoteStreem device

Once finished, the custodian sends back the RemoteStreem device with the encrypted data set; the provided return box is tracked via a GPS-Precision Secure Shipping and Tracking Device that provides live geo-location updates during transit – adding a layer of defensibility to your shipping protocols.

RemoteStreem: The Size of Your Hand – With Outsized Capabilities:


Powerful micro-computer (5” tall) with scalable storage of up to 3.2 TB for all data size requirements.

Easy setup

Zero configuration setup to accommodate non-technical custodians.

Collection capabilities

Concurrent collection capabilities for multi-source projects, including mobile devices, cloud-based Email, loose electronic files, and social media accounts.

Additional Features

Real-time Filtering

Custodian may oversee real-time filtering, post-collection.


Custodian may oversee real-time filtering, post-collection.


Combines proprietary technology with best-in-class forensics software

Custodian Control

Private and sensitive data is always in custodian’s control during the collection.

Virtual Service

Unlimited access to white-glove virtual service.

Never Lose Access

Custodian never loses access or ability to use their phone during collection.


Delivery options include Enhanced-RSMF output for Relativity and EML for non-Relativity review platforms.


Global availability; global compliance; global security.

LTE/5G Connectivity

Onboard LTE/5G connectivity – not reliant on Wi-Fi or internet access from corporate or private networks

StreemView Seamless Integration

Downstreem’s partnership with StreemView means clients have special access to the industry’s first cloud based forensics analysis and investigation solution custom-built for mobile device data and Email.

StreemView features on-demand AI tools and supports all data types and operating systems from any mobile device.

It’s simply the industry's most comprehensive mobile-first forensics platform.

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Case Study: RemoteStreem

Remote Mobile Forensics - in the Field and On the Go
17 mobile phone collections in 1 day – and no one lost the ability to use their phones the whole time. That’s forensics innovation that works.


A multi-national engineering firm was required to forensically image the mobile devices of 17 engineers actively working in the field following a critical incident. However, the impacted custodians had to continue working and using their phones at the scene of the incident and at their base office; they could not afford any disruption to their daily work commitments during the forensic collection and analyses.


Downstreem overnighted several RemoteStreem portable devices to the client’s location. The RemoteStreem devices were powered on and each engineer was able to connect their mobile phone wirelessly to the pocket-sized device and get back to work.


  • Because the portable RemoteStreem devices can be accessed remotely by Downstreem’s forensic analysts via LTE (cellular) connection, a local Wi-Fi or LAN connection was not required.
  • That meant Downstreem’s forensics analysts were able to remotely collect concurrent phones while the engineers moved around the critical incident site, without impacting their ability to perform necessary repairs or the uninterrupted use of their phones.
  • Downstreem was able to remotely image all the custodians’ phones, (17 iPhones and Androids) in one day. The collected data was extracted, processed, and delivered securely to the client’s preferred review platform.
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