RemoteStreem - BIG POWER in a small package

Corporations are facing a myriad of challenges today. From human resources to regulatory, serving clients or merely managing the daily business operations is a time and resource consuming challenge in itself already. A steady rise of data volumes, data security has become one of the top issues - and burden. 

When the company is required to collect data for internal investigations or litigation, everyone takes a deep breath. In some instances, the IT department is asked to collect data, in others, employees are tasked with collecting their own data - onto a server folder, thumb drive or external hard drive. Some employees may even email documents or files to the respective recipients, inadvertently removing or even destroying metadata.

But what happens when an employee in a highly sensitive position is terminated? What if a company suspects that one of their employees is committing fraud? What is to prevent either employee from deleting data or taking some of the company's confidential data with them?

RemoteStreem was developed to assist with device and data preservation, analysis and reporting, allowing us to overcome geographic challenges and time constraints, while acquiring data in a defensible, forensically-sound way. It is the only forensic collection platform to collect data from mobile devices and other sources, regardless of physical location or available network access. The technology allows for the defensible capture of a virtually any data source, including the ability for custodians to input their passwords directly into the device at collection time for sensitive data sources (such as personal email accounts), where changing or sharing credential is not desired. 

Data Sources
On-Premise Services

Downstreem offers two deployment options for RemoteStreem

On-Premise Storage

​For medium to large-sized companies, Downstreem recommends that a minimum of one RemoteStreem kit is always kept on-premise.

  • Allows immediate capture of (sensitive) data sources

  • Only has to be configured once for access to network sources

  • Additional, encrypted secure data storage can always be added on or exchanged 

Shipped on Demand

For smaller companies or when anticipating lower demand, Downstreem can ship a RemoteStreem Kit within 24-48 hours, worldwide.

  • Requires shipping time

  • Requires initial set-up to access network sources

RemoteStreem = Data Security Anytime Anywhere

GPS-Precision Secure Shipping and Tracking Device

  • Ship original evidence and confidential information with confidence and comfort

  • Add a layer of defensibility to your shipping protocols

  • Track on virtually any device

  • Live geo-location updates during transit

    • Indoor or outdoor with unlimited range​

  • Travel path history is available to review precise delivery routes and movements​

  • Alerts - Real-time delivery and geo-fence notifications

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