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Radical Transparency with Common Sense Design

The DataStreem client portal means 100% access to what we know and what we do on a client’s behalf during a digital forensics project. That means 1-click access to instant insight on projects, custodians, data sources – invoices and budgets. Just log on to view.

Get answers and track progress in real time – with secure, 24/7/365 access from anywhere with any web browser.

Take a look at how DataStreem gives clients the transparency they need for better project outcomes.

A Virtual Project Manager
Project status and updates
Collection Status
Custodian Logs
Cost vs Spend
Automated Budget Alerts
Download Reports in Real Time

Case Study: DataStreem

Self-Service Client Portal for White-Glove Project Reporting
“DataStreem means 24/7 transparency. Having real-time cost to budget insight meant 0 surprises and an on-time and on-budget project.”


A law firm client was working on a complex, global eDiscovery case involving dozens of custodians and multiple data sources. The project had strict deadlines – and a very limited budget. The project leader at the law firm was required to provide detailed daily updates to the lead partner on the case, as well as to her corporate client, including specific collection information and actual cost to budget information.


As a Downstreem client, the project lead had access to DataStreem, a proprietary self-service client portal tracking system. She was able to view real-time collection details by custodian, data source, data type, and resulting project billables 24/7. All reporting was export ready to Excel or PDF to share with the client.


  • Each day the collection process was underway, the law firm lead was able to log in, view the current status and cost of the collection and report back to their client.
  • Reporting was also automated to trigger an email alert if the collection costs were nearing the budget limit, providing complete transparency over the collection process.
  • The law firm was able to use DataStreem insights to build a partnership with their client based on real-time and accurate information – and giving them the chance to manage cost expectations before overruns were incurred.
  • An on-time and on-budget collection meant a satisfied client who incorporates DataStreem into all their collection projects.
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