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Our clients most requested services include:

Employer Protection Program

Downstreem’s Employer Protection Program (EPP) is designed to assist corporate Legal, HR, and IT departments with the handling of an employee’s devices and data sources prior to or during an off-boarding process.


of employees take data with
them when they leave a job


leverage the exfiltrated data with their new employer
And the risk keeps growing. Organizations are experiencing record employee departures – up nearly 20% higher than pre-pandemic levels. Employees who leave drive high replacement costs and the potential for high compliance and security risks.

Case Study: Employer Protection Program

Real-Time Defensible Mobile Device Collection
RemoteStreem imaged, analyzed, and identified a clear violation of company policy, even before a terminated employee’s exit interview was completed. Real-time insight prevented the loss of company IP and a competitive nightmare.


A financial services company planned to terminate a senior account manager responsible for a number of high-profile, large global clients. The company was concerned that the employee had access to highly confidential company documents – and had been using a personal iPhone in addition to his company-provided Android device.


The company requested a RemoteStreem kit from DownStreem – a pocket-size, portable purpose-built remote forensics and preservation tool for both iPhone and Android phones.

The day before the termination, the device was overnighted to the company’s general counsel.


  • The next day, the employee was called into the conference room and informed of the termination. As the employee began the termination process (exit interview, clearing of office, transitioning accounts to other employees), the company’s IT team secured the employee’s two mobile devices and quickly and covertly imaged the email accounts.
  • Before the employee had finished the off-boarding process, Downstreem had performed an initial analysis of the mobile devices, determining that the employee had been sending himself sensitive company documents via chat messages and personal email; he was planning to leave the company within the next two weeks for a competitor.
  • As the exit interview ended, the terminated employee was advised by the general counsel there was evidence found on his phone that sensitive/confidential documents had been transferred outside the company. The employee was told to destroy these documents and files. The RemoteStreem data forensics device provided general counsel enough evidence with which to file an injunction with the court the same day in order to enforce its non-compete agreement with the former employee.
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Internal Investigations

Downstreem’s expertise and technology innovation means no more excuses for inefficient digital data collection. Our clients get the facts they need to assess potential internal risk quickly, confidentially, and with minimal business disruption – whether they’re examining potential employee misconduct, assessing whistleblower allegations, or responding to regulatory inquiries.

Successful Internal Investigations

A successful internal investigation calls for good planning, defensible and repeatable processes, expert analytical skills, and technology to facilitate the collection, investigation, and preservation of all relevant data – including documents, files, and emails from a custodian’s mobile devices, smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, computer, external drives, file shares – and more.

That’s what we do.

Our forensics investigators have a proven track record of partnering on high profile and highly sensitive internal matters in collaboration with clients’ HR, Legal and Compliance and IT departments. Downstreem’s defensible remote collection technology and mobile data review solutions give clients the edge they need to get answers and close investigations – including on-demand AI tools.
Nearly 80% of organizations are experiencing higher internal investigation costs because of inefficient data assessment tools.


CJ Culley

Forensic Investigator
CJ is a leading digital forensics practitioner and a member of the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists, High Technology Crime Investigation Association, and High Technology Crime Consortium.

Case Study: Internal Investigations

Harassment Allegations Proven Discreetly and Decisively
RemoteStreem is technology that minimizes the pain and disruption associated with internal investigations. It’s a discreet forensics solution that delivers quick answers for quick action.


A client’s HR department received an allegation of unwanted advances via personal email and chat messenger. It was important to the company that the forensics investigation into the accused employee’s behavior was done quickly and discreetly, without impacting other employees in the organization.


The CHRO requested a RemoteStreem device to be sent to the impacted employee’s home address; a Downstreem forensics investigator scheduled a remote collection for the next day.

The employee received the RemoteStreem device, powered it on when they could do so in the privacy of their home, and connected their phone, allowing the Downstreem investigator to remote in and collect the data quickly, defensibly, and discreetly.


  • The entire collection and analysis process of the employees’ mobile data was conducted without alerting other employees to the situation.
  • The forensics analysis of the mobile data retrieved from the complaining employee’s phone revealed inappropriate communication originating from the accused employee’s phone.
  • The evidence provided by our forensic analysis was strong enough to warrant the accused employee’s immediate termination for sexual harassment.
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Forensic Analysis and Expert Testimony

Downstreem provides independent and unbiased forensic analysis services for pre-litigation and civil and criminal legal matters.
79% of legal professionals are concerned with increased volume and complexity of digital information impacting their cases.

Purpose-Built Collection

Our expert experience includes high profile patent, trade secret, copyright, breach of contract, personal injury, class action cases – and more.

Digital sources such as a hard drives and mobile phones are core to any discovery – and that often means millions of artifacts, files, communications, etc. that need to be accessed, analyzed, and assessed to make a case.

Our forensic experts partner with clients and outside counsel to find what matters how it matters most: defensibly and fast. Our purpose-built collection and forensic analysis tools ensure no digital data is overlooked – and that Downstreem’s insights and reports give clients a competitive advantage for their most important legal matters.

And when clients need written and oral testimony, Downstreem forensic experts are knowledgeable, articulate, and have real-world experience, including 30(b)(6) interrogations/depositions as well as expert witness and special master support in arbitrations.

Case Study: Forensic Analysis & Expert Testimony

A Tale of Two Expert Witnesses
You always want a Downstreem expert witness on your team.  Their defensible and unique data insights are the best defense you’ll have in court.


A long-term employee with access to highly confidential information was suspected of removing company trade secrets – with no apparent business justifcation.  A Downstreem expert was engaged to forensically determine if, when, and how the employee had knowingly taken digital information from work.


Downstreem’s forensic investigator was able to retrieve and analyze a variety of data, including emails, internet activity, file transfers, and other data associated with the employee’s use of the company’s systems.  The investigation leveraged RemoteStreem and StreemView to collect data from the employee’s work computer, as well as their company issued iPhone and iPad.  The analysis of the data was designed to determine whether the employee had accessed confidential information, had taken any steps to disseminate it to unauthorized parties, and whether or not he tried to cover up his actions.


  • The forensic investigator was able to confirm that the employee had accessed the confidential information and had transferred it to an external hard drive.  Downstreem determined the employee had attempted to conceal their activities by deleting certain files and leaving false trails of activity.
  • The client received a forensic analysis report and presented the findings in court in a declaration. However, the defendant’s attorney requested that a Downstreem expert witness appear in court to be questioned under oath as their forensic expert had also conducted a separate analysis and had come up with different results.
  • Each expert witness was called to the stand to present their findings and were each questioned by opposing counsel. Downstreem was able to show the opposing counsel’s expert witness had flawed evidence; the court accepted Downstreem’s expert witness findings.
  • The digital forensic analysis and expert witness services in this case played a critical role in providing evidence that helped the court to reach a positive verdict for our client.
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Additional Advisory Services

Our staff of Advisory Service professionals has an average of 16 years of hands-on experience in eDiscovery/litigation support and digital forensics services. Staff members have worked for law firms, corporations, and major eDiscovery service providers, prior to working at Downstreem.

Additional Advisory Services supported by our global forensic professionals include:
  • Compliance
  • Information Governance
  • Cyber Incident Response
  • Data Remediation
  • Defensible Deletion
Law Firm
  • Pre-Litigation Strategy
  • Active Litigation Support
  • Preservation Planning
  • Document and Records Retention Policy Development
  • Litigation Hold Management
  • 30(b)(6) Testimony
Service Provider
  • Strategy Development
  • Data Culling/Normalization
  • Resource Augmentation
  • Complex Forensic Analyses
  • Technology Advice
  • White-Label Services
Private Individuals/Public Figures
  • Family Disputes
  • Cyber Stalking
  • Personal Data Security
  • Protective Orders
  • Custody Disputes
  • Medical Malpractice
Additional Advisory Services
If you don’t see the services you require, simply contact a Downstreem specialist so we can discuss how we can help. Our proven track record of partnering on high profile and highly sensitive matters means that we can help – or help you figure out the best partner for your project.

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