Automated & Defensible Self-Collection

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Save Time - and Money

No need to wait for a third-party forensics team to make an appointment, pay for travel time, and then take employees away from their day-to-day responsibilities.

With AutoStreem, employees simply click on a secure link when they want – where they want. They get ease of use, and clients get peace of mind that they’re in compliance; collecting and sending digital information safely and securely – and with the appropriate/required metadata for forensic analysis.

A Click-to-Launch, No-Install, Custom Digital Forensics Solution

With virtually no data size limitations per collection session, AutoStreem is your go-to resource to streamline and secure the self-collection of documents, files, and emails from custodians’ computers, external drives or file shares, as well as the forensic imaging of hard drives and media.

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AutoStreem delivers complete reporting and a full audit trail – along with:

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No install Required

Click to launch application – no installation required.

Seamless Deployment

Seamless and simultaneous deployment to one or an infinite number of custodians.

Easy Use

Drag and-drop, ease-of-use for documents – or drive selection for forensic imaging.

Safe and Secure

Safe and secure workflows; selected data is always encrypted in transit and secured in a digital vault for processing.

Other Features
Check out everything you get with AutoStreem:
Availability virtually anywhere globally
Instant collection details
Efficient and defensible collections
No file size limitations
Convenience of always-on, live, US-based support

Case Study: AutoStreem

On-demand Self-Collection for Large, Global Legal Production
“AutoStreem’s self-collection made production fast, easy – and simple enough to eliminate the need for any IT resources. 20 collections from around the globe in under 3 days. That’s a win.”


A U.S.-based company’s legal team received a production request covering 20 employees from multiple locations in their global network – including individuals working from home. All data needed to be forensically collected, analyzed, and produced within a 3-day deadline.


The company used AutoStreem, the automated, defensible self-collection digital forensics solution. Downstreem, in coordination with the client, deployed an AutoStreem link via email to all 20 employees. Each employee clicked on the secure link from their office or home location – and when convenient in their time zone.


  • All 20 employees executed a defensible collection of potentially responsive data without any loss of productivity.
  • The company did not have to retrieve any impacted devices or send out multiple forensic investigators or other personnel for on-site data collection, saving time and money.
  • All relevant data was automatically uploaded to a central, secure cloud location and made available to the legal team for review and production within the deadline.
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