AutoStreem - defensible self-collections

Defensible data collections are a necessary concern in practically every litigation. The obligation on the litigator is to not only produce (original) evidence but also be in a position to a) show how it was acquired and b) be able to prove that the document ultimately produced is an unaltered version of that (original) document.

General practice has been to call on an outside service provider to image a custodian's computer or perform a targeted, forensic collection of files and folders. While this is a good workflow for larger data collections, it becomes a costly exercise when the scope of the data collection is very narrow and may only consist of a few documents from each custodian. In especially these situations, counsel is faced with having to justify a high cost for imaging someone's hard drive or collecting an entire mailbox, followed with additional expenses for filtering of the collected data to the handful of documents truly need for review and production.

To mitigate these expenses, we frequently observe custodians emailing their documents to the attorneys, inadvertently altering their metadata or maybe even content by doing so. And what about the true "origin" of that file? The moment a custodian attaches these files or forwards the emails, the original location of said file is forever lost and the metadata of that email is now contained in the body vs. the header of the email.

Downstreem developed AutoStreem to assist with the defensible self-collection of documents, files, and eMail from a custodian’s computer, external drive or file share/network locations.

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A Simple Process: The AutoStreem 3-Step

  1. Download and run application​

  2. Enter your Information

  3. Drag-n-drop files, emails or select drive to image

AutoStreem Resources.PNG