Downstreem Announces Pending Patent for the Industry’s First Cloud-Based Mobile Forensics Platform Featuring AI Tools

PHOENIX, AZ April 13, 2023 - Downstreem, a global digital forensics company specializing in  mobile devices and complex forensic analysis, today announces its patent application with the  United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has been accepted for its new mobile  forensics product, StreemView. The patent-pending platform is the industry’s first cloud-based  forensics analysis and investigation solution designed specifically for mobile device data and  email.  

Launched to the market in March 2023, StreemView offers a mobile device analysis,  investigation and culling (ECA) platform that features on-demand AI tools and supports all data  types and operating systems from any mobile device, making it the industry’s most  comprehensive mobile-first forensics platform. 

“With features and capabilities that the forensics community has never seen before, it was  critical to apply for a patent for StreemView,” says Andreas Mueller, COO of Downstreem. “Our industry has been stuck using technology from another era for emails and documents. Even for  the most accomplished digital forensics investigator, the outdated systems can still be error prone and cumbersome, plus they fail to properly address today’s most important information – mobile device data. Built cloud-native, the StreemView platform opens up new mobile forensics opportunities with an easy-to-use interface similar to a mobile app and unique, cutting-edge AI features such as emoji clouds and cross-platform chat threading. 

The pending platform’s on-demand AI tools deliver the most advanced mobile forensics analysis  features in the market. In line with the increase of emojis serving as evidence in legal cases,  StreemView’s emoji cloud feature, which is the first of its kind for digital forensics, provides a  quick view into the nature of conversations and topics discussed to further analyze the emoji  content in the context of conversations. Other AI tools integrated into StreemView include  interactive timelines, heatmaps, concept searches, searchable word clouds and object  detection/facial recognition. 

Unlike most tools that present chat data in different documents based on the platform,  StreemView’s cross-platform threading solution presents chat conversations from various  platforms into one cohesive, chronological conversation. With StreemView's latest feature, users  can effortlessly view an uninterrupted chat exchange between people across multiple 

messaging and communication platforms. StreemView's interface displays identifiable icons for  each platform used in the conversation, making it easy to track the conversation's flow. 

Once patented, Streemview will also fuel Downstreem’s commercial growth and licensing  opportunities. According to the USPTO, patents take six to 18 months to be finalized.  

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About Downstreem: 

Founded by experienced digital forensic experts, Downstreem is a global digital forensics  company specializing in mobile devices and complex forensic analysis. Our mission is to create  a common-sense client experience that radically improves the collection, analysis and review of  all digital data. With operations available in over 170 countries, Downstreem offers a suite of  cutting-edge solutions for remote collections, automated self-collection and forensic analysis,  plus a dynamic self-service client portal for tracking activities and cost. Headquartered in  Phoenix, AZ with offices nationwide across the US and in London, UK, Downstreem provides a  range of digital forensic services to meet the unique needs of its clients. For more information,  visit 


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