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Confidentiality | Professionalism | Integrity

DOWNSTREEM is a professional digital forensics practice, specializing in Data Forensics and Advisory Services.

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About Us

About Us

Downstreem is a professional digital forensics practice, with a specialized focus in Data Forensics and Advisory Services, providing collaborative, results-driven, and solution-oriented services to the private, corporate, service provider and government sectors, with a proven track record of supporting high profile and sensitive/confidential matters.

Experience and Competency

Downstreem maintains offices and staff in the following locations:


  • UK/EU:

    • London, United Kingdom

  • USA/North America:

    • Phoenix, AZ, USA

    • Denver, CO, USA

    • Los Angeles/Orange County, CA, USA

    • Lenexa, KS, USA


Our staff of digital forensics and advisory service professionals have an average of 17 years of hands-on experience in digital forensic and eDiscovery/litigation support services. Staff members have worked for law firms, corporations, and major eDiscovery service providers, prior to forming Downstreem. 


In addition to UK-based staff, Downstreem also has advisory and digital forensics resources in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. 


Downstreem’s data centres are located in London, UK for UK/EU-based projects, Lenexa, KS and Phoenix, AZ for US-based projects. All our data centres provide real-time redundancy and security, to support even the most confidential and sensitive matters. 


Corporate Advisory, Digital Forensic and Litigation Support Services


  • Professional, experienced advisory services for pre-, post-, and non-litigation matters.

  • Expert Testimony for (multi-state/national) corporations. 

  • Digital forensic collection, analysis, and remediation services of virtually any type of electronically stored information and data for litigation and internal investigation. 

  • Comprehensive workflow development. 

  • Forensic reporting and testimony services (oral, written). 

  • Data remediation services, including the collection/preservation, identification and removal or segregation of data and documents (ITAR/Internal and Litigation-related). 

  • Employee Departure Protocol development and execution. 

  • Data Security Consultancy Downstreem provides cyber security and related services, including but not limited to: 

    • Corporate data egress 

    • Network/computer intrusion or hacking 

    • Corporate espionage (internal/external actors)

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