Downstreem Pro Bono Program

When people think of businesses offering Pro Bono work, they often think of law firms and business consultants.  However, the truth is that small businesses such as ours, can offer their services to deserving people and groups. We believe that technology should benefit all and we are committed to using our knowledge and expertise to help people. 

Every day, many income-insecure people face legal problems and are not able to retain an attorney or even have a basic knowledge of their rights. We would like to help in a small way to make the legal system fairer, by offering our digital forensic resources to aid in legal proceedings.

The DOWNSTREEM PRO BONO SERVICES PROGRAM has been established to develop and promote Pro Bono services utilizing our specific skills to provide digital forensic services to individuals of limited financial means and charitable organizations.

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We will assist in private disputes and other non-criminal disputes that could go to court, including proceedings over breach of contract, defamation, employment issues, family issues.

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We will assist in criminal proceedings that are specifically related to driving while using a mobile phone.


Eligibility Criteria


There are four key considerations for establishing eligibility:

  1. Status of the applicant

  2. Financial eligibility

  3. Merit

  4. Nature of the proceeding 


The contact form below is the first step in the application process for Downstreem's Pro Bono Services Program.

Pro Bono Program Contact Form

Thanks for submitting. A Downstreem team member will contact you shortly.

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