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Internal Investigations

In today’s world, businesses and corporations alike are examined or investigated not only by the government, but also by an increasing number of state and local agencies, as well as private plaintiffs. Frequently, the focus is on compliance issues, such as a company’s adherence to legal obligations, laws and ethical guidelines.

Internal investigations aim to uncover the truth about alleged misconduct within an organization. A good internal investigation will do so without compromising the relationship between the company and its employees or unnecessarily damaging someone’s reputation, while negatively impacting the business and its operations.

In general, such an investigation includes the collection and examination of written or recorded evidence, interviews with employees and/or contractors, and digital (computer, mobile and network) forensics. It may also require collaboration with managers, human resources and legal personnel, and potentially also law enforcement.

A successful internal investigation calls for: good planning, defensible, repeatable processes and analytical skills. Downstreem has extensive experience with planning and conducting such internal investigations, in collaboration with HR, Legal and Compliance and IT departments.


How Downstreem Helps


What Downstreem Helps With

  • Covert and overt investigations

  • Accounting irregularities and general fraud

  • Outright theft of physical assets

  • Personal misconduct, including threats, harassment or other inappropriate forms of behavior

  • Unauthorized access, to manipulate data or to sell it

  • Breach of non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements

  • Liaise between different departments, such as Legal, HR, IT and Compliance departments

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