Forensic Examiner

What is a Forensic Examiner?

In general terms, a forensic examiner is someone that handles the evidence that is found at the scene of a crime. They collect, analyze, and examine this evidence. The forensic examiner uses that evidence to figure out how the person died. They may also use the evidence found at the scene to determine who might be a suspect.

The person in this position must have a degree in chemistry, biology, or forensic science. Some investigators of a crime scene usually begin as police officers. Some crime scene investigators visit the crime scene to collect evidence, while other investigators stay in the lab to analyze all of the evidence. They study blood samples, fingerprints, and fragments from a bullet to try to find a suspect. A forensic examiner must write a report with their findings. They may even be called upon to testify in a court of law. They can work for the police, a morgue, or a coroner office.

Digital forensics is forensic science in the modern age. The examiner investigates information and data that can be found on digital devices. They use these techniques in response to a cybercrime. They can use this information to find a leak within a company or a data breach. People in this field may be able to prevent hackers and cybercriminals from accessing and compromising the data of an organization. They may be able to find data that is stolen and determine the cause of the attack and find the source.