Enhanced RSMF (eRSMF) - Smarter Mobile Device Review

To streamline and standardize the review of communication (Chats, SMS and MMS) from mobile devices, Relativity created the RSMF file standard. At its core, an RSMF file is an RFC 5322 (Internet Message Format) standards-compliant file that encapsulates normalized short message data. The data can come from text messages like SMS/MMS or Apple iMessage or it can come from instant messenger services such as Skype, Teams, WhatsApp, WeChat, Slack, Bloomberg, Trillian, etc.


Although standardizing the delivery format is a great step into the right direction, the search and review of these conversations is still cumbersome and comes with quite a few challenges:

  • Depending on a reviewer's preference, conversations may span days, weeks, months or even years, leading to documents that can be hundreds of pages long

    • Only some of these messages may be relevant and for production​

    • Forces redactions of up to 98% of the document, if only 2 out of 500 messages in a conversation are relevant/for production

  • SMS and MMS messages are one-directional and may not be threaded in a conversation, due to missing conversation identifier​

  • Global searches against all conversations for messages on a specific day and time is limited to metadata fields that only show a conversation start date/time and conversation last message data/time

  • Attachments sent as part of an iMessage, Facebook messenger or another application may no longer reside on the mobile device, thus will not be in the reviewable data set

To address these challenges, Downstreem created enhanced RSMFs (eRSMF). Lean more below.

What are eRSMF files?

eRSMFs adhere to Relativity's RSMF standard, with the following enhancements: 

Conversations can be broken into specific time periods, per a reviewer's preference:

  • 24 hour-based documents​, one week, entire conversation, custom time period

Utilization of AI to create conversation threads for SMS and MMS ​messages, that are not available if data source is android-based native messaging app or does not support automated conversation threading.

Post-collection downloading of web-referenced attachments that are no longer on the mobile device, providing these media files as part of the review set, where otherwise only a file placeholder was available for review.

Relativity-ready with "multi-date object fields":

  • Date and time of each message in a conversation thread in 12- and 24-hour format

  • Enabling targeted or "in-between" searches for all conversations, containing one or more messages per the filter criteria​