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COVID-19 | Remote Collections

Collecting Data from Mobile Devices during COVID-19 with RemoteStreem

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic it is more important than ever for companies to provide safe, remote, contactless solutions. At Downstreem we have been built on this premise from day one and it always has been and will continue to be fundamental to our founding principles.

With mobile devices being used more and more for business activities, we have long anticipated them becoming an increasingly important and relevant source of data in litigation.

Leading the industry with our patent pending RemoteStreem device, we offer:

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  • A compact, pocket-sized footprint

  • Zero configuration: power on, connect the device and close the lid

  • Scalability, with up to 3 TB of (on-board), high-speed storage

  • Unlimited (geographic) deployment options

  • End-to-end security: 256-bit encryption

  • Defensible capture of virtually any data source

We also recognize that data collection is just the beginning of the process and with our client portal, DataStreem, we offer the next step with secure, real-time access to the status of your project, enabling you to virtually manage your project in the cloud, from data analysis to budget tracking and beyond.


All of Downstreem’s technologies are simple and quick to deploy, solving data collection requirements related to national “shelter-in-home” guidelines and you can rely on Downstreem for peace-of-mind with all of your data collection requirements.


Our team is 100% committed to delivering on your data collection requirements quickly and efficiently now and in the future.

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