Case Studies

Stack of papers


A company suspected multiple employees (former and current) had been transmitting confidential data and documents outside the Company. Method of data egress was unknown and cause for concern.

Suspected Fraud


Behavior Patterns

A company's monitoring system alerted the IT department that several communications contained chatter about sensitive data and ongoing theft of Company resources/information.

Unusual Behavior Patterns

Woman rejecting a man


A company's HR department received notification from an employee that a work colleague was making unwanted advances through personal email and chat messages.

Suspected Harassment

Crying man


A company was preparing to terminate the employment of a top sales manager and concerned about sensitive information remaining in possession of the employee post-termination

Employee Termination

"Time to say goodbye" sign

the Company

A company's sales director received a termination of employment notice from an account manager on the sales team. 

Leaving the Company

Big screen with collage of images

Small Collection -
Many Custodians

A company's legal department received a request for production as part of a litigation. The request was for collection of documents from multiple sources from 20 employees.

Small Data - Many Custodians

Social media

Social Media &
Personal eMail

Ten employees had admitted to conducting company business on their social media accounts and personal email. As part of a litigation matter, they were asked to provide data from those sources.

Social Media & Personal eMail

Celestial body


A public utility company was responding to a critical situation, requiring engineers to actively remain in the field at various locations around the state. A request for data extraction from their mobile devices was issued while work had to continue.

Critical Incident

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