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What is AutoStreem?

​AutoStreem is a small application that does not require any installation, but instead runs in the computer's memory. The application is part of Downstreem's RemoteStreem kit and can also be deployed via a link in an email (AutoStreem Lite), that when launched, allows a custodian to perform a defensible self-collection of files, folders and emails, directly into the application.

Once the documents, files and emails have been selected and collected, AutoStreem will create an encrypted container of the data, stored on the RemoteStreem device or upload the collection directly to Downstreem's secure file vault, SecureStreem (AutoStreem Lite).

AutoStreem Main Window
What Data Sources are Supported?

​AutoStreem allows a custodian to defensibly collect from the following data sources:

  • Files and Folders from a

    • Computer

    • Network Drive or

    • External Media

  • Emails from Microsoft Outlook

AutoStreem Collection Window
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